Why not to do a page based on frames

Can write a little weird in 2012 on the frames. But take a chance. Statistics on my part shows that there are still some desperados who are going to use frames. Alternatively, find out about it.
Why not to do a page based on frames
Since he started to create pages based on a fairly long time frame and continued this unfortunate dealings, have the knowledge and experience sufficient to deter a potential amateur frames.

Defects created in the layout of the frames

  1. Addresses of the pages are not visible, all the time in the browser address URL appears the main page (which has a division of the frame)
  2. In conjunction with paragraph 1 in the usual way can be added to a specific sub-tabs,  send it to someone, etc.
  3. However, if we can get the address of the pages (this is possible) and open it, the page will be incomplete, eg lack of menu
  4. If the content in a frame will not fit, it is automatically visible
  5. Frames are hard to digest for crawlers. This has a negative impact on the position in the search engines or even its absence in the index
Perhaps a list of defects could be greatly extended, but I think enough is enough. Even the few advantages of using frames, but skip them because they have to convince someone to use them.

What instead of frames?

The easiest way to learn the basics of PHP, you just function include (). It is enough to replace the basic functionality of frames - Document merging of several smaller (header, footer, etc).

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