Good editor for HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

As a webmaster with many years of experience used a relatively small number of editors to web development. Nevertheless, the desire to share your insights.

As for HTML editor This should be done at the beginning of differentiation into two types:
  • text editor - direct editing of HTML code
  • WYSIWYG editor (called What You See Is What You Get which means literally, What you see is what you get)

When creating pages using a WYSIWYG editor does not need to know HTML, the editor itself, it will generate. It is apparent advantage because such editors generate very jumbled code, his options are extremely limited. An example of such a lame mare is FrontPage.

Text editors such as the name suggests, operate on the text, or directly on the code you are editing. This creates a complete control over web design, And the possibilities are limited only by our imagination and the nature of HTML.

Editors with whom I had the pleasure

  • Spider
  • KED
  • jEdit
  • phpDesigner
  • notebook
In most cases, editors are writing to support not only in HTML but CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript and probably in many other languages.


Spider is the first editor of what I had contact. At the beginning it was a Light spider pins allow simple business card. Spider in the full version now allowed to edit HTML and CSS. For dyspozycjo we have a lot of facilities and generators ready. I do not know how the latest version, but me personally it was missing something (I do not remember what) and jumped on KED'A
A sample screenshot of the editor Pajączek

A sample screenshot of the editor Spider

Manufacturer's website: Spider 5 NXG - HTML Editor PHP XHTML CSS ...


Within the editor, I was in love for a long time. Very light and nienafaszerowany bajerami as Spider. The tabs (tabs) that makes the work  with multiple files at once (unfortunately I do not know whether that is the Brace). Quite customizable. I would probably continue to use it (unfortunately for my shortcomings include resistance to change), but KED could not make it to 64bitowym system. Some features no longer work.
Sample screen shot KED editor

A sample screenshot of the editor KED

Manufacturer's website: No - the project is not developed.


With this editor I used, in principle, just because I did not have some features in the editor KED. I missed the search more files at once (catalog). As it operates at a more complex project, it is very useful.
I looked at this little editor, but I do not I enjoyed.
A sample screenshot of the editor jEdit

A sample screenshot of the editor jEdit

Manufacturer's website: jEdit - Programmer's Text Editor - overview


Currently my favorite among the tested editors for creating web pages. A real Body Good editor for HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript Now I can not imagine any other use. The list of advantages is enormous, perhaps as large as the scams of the ruling elite from the country of white-red flag. Here are some of the most important for me:
  • syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Smarty. Maybe this is not a phenomenon at the present time, but as for me, an important prerequisite.
  • menu in several languages, including Polish
  • automatic indentation and code collapse by indentation
  • PHP Code Beautifer - A rarity for me. Automatically organize your code syntax for PHP. Automatic tabs, spaces, referenced by entry in the appropriate places. Of course, the principle according to which the code is organized, you can define yourself.
  • highlighting syntax error on the fly. Before phpDesigner I caught this error only when running
  • code completion, built-in PHP library with explanations. It's also a lot easier
  • Joining the library with its hints of functions. Very useful. When we comment on its function as a guide and as it gets. Additionally, if the code is there own function and click on it with CTRL it automatically loads in the place of the declaration, even as it is in another file. For larger projects it is a very big advantage.
  • template system. When creating a new document opens with the default (editable) skeleton
  • in addition to the huge support for the PHP there is also considerable for HTML, CSS, JavaScript. With these additions just barely do not use, so do not make a big impression on me
So much for the greatest advantages phpDesigner assist in creating websites for me. Of course it is much more powerful. I would argue that it is not pogardziłby professional PHP programmer.
Should not be too colorful, there is one drawback. phpDesigner is a paid program. Currently, the commercial version costs € 69 and € 29 personnel.
A sample screenshot of the editor phpDesigner

A sample screenshot of the editor phpDesigner

Manufacturer's website: phpDesigner 8 - PHP Editor & PHP IDE with built-in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 editor!


At the end I left the greatest rarity. The windows notepad. It is a plain text editor do not have any facilities for the developers. Some people use it. I think there are two main reasons for doing so:
  • masochism - recognized or not
  • zaszpanowania desire among other developers. I do not know what, but met with such an attitude. Hmmm ... some people go by car, walking another, even from Gdansk to Czestochowa Good editor for HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript Well, but, well, the beauty of the universe lies in its diversity, and understanding and acceptance of this fact is a gateway to a happy life. So, tolerate, accept, I do not support Good editor for HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

A sample screenshot of Notepad editor

A sample screenshot of the editor Notebook

Manufacturer's website: Microsoft Corporation

So much for editors to help you create web pages. It is quite an important issue because of a desire to get to know her from another point of view, or rather experience.

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  1. On Wednesday, 5 December 2012, at 18:35 Robert wrote / a:

    Spider is basically everything that you describe in the other editors. I sit on it for a long time and have not found anything better :) There is nothing to deter lots of options. In time, prove to be extremely useful! :)

  2. On Friday, February 8, 2013, at 0:34 Cross77 wrote / a:

    I always sit in Notepad + +. When it comes to web development then it is perfect for me. It is above all free and there is no unnecessary frills. Nice colors the syntax, suggests a window can be divided into two work areas. It also has a great keyboard shortcuts, though some can master a lot easier, such as CTRL + SHIFT + arrow.
    phpDesigner jest dla mnie za ciężki, choć może to i rzecz gustu, ja kocham prostotę i praktyczność.

  3. On Friday, October 31, 2014 at 22:28 Smoked wrote / a:

    PSPad and the topic :)

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