Why do not we do the parties based on a grid

Very briefly describe the construction of the problem based on the tables. Present drawbacks and advantages (if any come to my mind when writing).
Term site based on tables refers to the main structure of the website and its smaller parts. In practice, this often manifests itself by hiding table borders and multiple nesting them in ourselves. Then creates a kind of grid, where you can design the page.

For example, index table has dimensions 1x3 - 1 column and 3 rows. The first line is a header, and the third is a shoe. The second row is another table 2x1 - first column is the place to the right content in the second column is a menu. In addition, the table shall be based on windows with borders, gradients, etc.
Such solutions have been used quite extensively a few years ago. Personally, I came close to it for a brief moment, I used a few times and then I started to study the creation of parties and not their doing.

Why not to do pages on the tables?

First of all tables were created in a completely different purpose, namely to represent tabular data. For example, user list, price list, match scoreboard, etc. do not apply to the original destination tables brings a lot of problems.

Disadvantages of the  created in the tables

  • The site contains a lot more HTML code than it should - no longer loads
  • The logical design is altered, the order of data in the page code is not consistent with the display of the recipient
  • Because of the inconsistencies and the excess of the conversion of HTML code is difficult, time-consuming and annoying
  • The site is less accessible to users
  • Excess of HTML code on the page has an adverse effect on the position in the search engines (gently, but still)
I think that this list will deter any lost webmaster thinking about creating pages on tables.

Why were creating pages on tables?

If the tables are based on the problem, why did he ever was, why not immediately began to design correctly?
The answer is not completely obvious (just me alone, "wygooglowałem"). At the beginning of a web page had a small range and were designed to exchange data between universities and the military. They were very primitive by comparison to today's party. As soon as I started to be used for commercial purposes (sale of goods and services) were to seek to resolve a significant expansion of the enabling and enriching it with graphics. The result was clever ways to overcome the limitations of web browsers and to present a rich site for presentation - of very interest. One such clever solutions were of the table.

If this table does not it?

To create a page about the logical structure and nice appearance we will need knowledge of HTML and CSS. In this way we separate content (HTML) from presentation layer (CSS). This way of creating web pages is commonly called a "page on divach".
What are the advantages of this design pages to write about it soon.

In conclusion, let me add that the only advantage of the tables on pages based on what came to mind to me is that sometimes the solution to apply the competition.

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