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My name is Jacek Bukowski. Web developer interested in more than 14 years, that is my adventure began somewhere around 2000. At the beginning of your business card created using spider Light. After some time, I began to devote their free time just to learn to create web pages. I did not use the specific courses. Rather spying on other sites code, analyzed it, and based on that practiced creating their own websites.

After some time, so much fun I decided to design something bigger. One-page business card has gladdened me :) Soon I found on the website and I started to build. I held on the known program to create pages, the Polish spider, but more elaborate. I made the frames page. I put on a free hosting. After some time I succeeded, I had a few hundred visitors a day and TOP3 in the search WP for me a few interesting items.

Over the next few years I took a few pages, all were based on frames. Electronic technical ending on the renewal of the thesis I have chosen the school, I also have taken on frames, tables, and I came close to nothing of CSS. Unfortunately, not many understand it and did not exploit its potential.

The year was 2003. Enrolled at the elite: D college ETI in Gdansk. There, on the credit of an object (can not remember the name unfortunately, but it was probably somewhere in the 2-3 per semester), I made another page. Of course, also be based on the frames, to my surprise I got the maximum score. The fact was that the bar was already raised a little higher (so the knee-level), because it was necessary to attach a CSS file and define the look of the page. Party had to include, among others headings, paragraphs, and validate without errors.

In college as a college, a lot of fun and little science, especially since I lived in a dorm. Pretty soon, let myself be screwed into the game Counter Strike. I played przesławnym clan = bucket = together with friends. It gave me an opportunity to once again show their skills. I made a clan page. Of course, based on the frames :) it hosted on a free university server.
Instead, I ventured to manage discussion groups on the conversion of frames to something more up to date. As a result, I started to learn programming in PHP. Also refreshed their knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Adventure with studies on ETI in Gdansk ended fairly quickly, probably by the fact that I studied, rather than to study and attend classes. Another thing that my dreams had encountered no relation to reality. I was hoping to narrow specialization, and the possibility of good training in it, but was attacked from all sides by all possible programming languages ​​ever made ;) So far I think the college educated people, and not allow them to easily gain useful knowledge .

At the end of 2006 I decided to go crazy and bought the first own domain -, Which is the domain where the site is. Equipped himself well in place of paid hosting. I remember the whole process took me at least a few days. Even then it really does not fully distinguished from the concept of domains, hosting :)
The sub-domain, put your clan page. Both the clan and server Counter Strike, which was the showcase of our clan, quickly gained popularity. I was forced to create an online forum to direct people there, who occupies much of her head on my e-mail.

The turning point if I can determine this was to build the forum. Previously, it was devoted mainly to manage Counter Strike server. After the expansion came several sections devoted to the game Counter Strike. Were coming new content quickly, and thus counter started spinning faster.

A few days before Christmas, in a fit of inspiration, I purchased a second domain with a view to the side of Counter Strike. As has already started to make a buck through Google Adsense, I thought the commercial project.

In early 2007 I started working in the corporate as a webmaster. I was responsible for cutting the resulting images on HTML templates. The work was very nice, especially since I have met many interesting people. I've had direct contact with many professionals from the IT industry. It allowed me to quickly also improve the programming of PHP and MySQL. After all, much easier to ask questions and get straight answer from a professional rather than blindly seek help on the Internet.
By improving the skills in PHP began writing his own CMS'a. It was a script for a portal dedicated to the game Counter Strike. Work in Gratce finished after 6 months. Working in the corporate world najnormalniej ceased to like it. Spanking is still the same HTML code started to bother me, the more that fascinated me of PHP and MySQL. Also honed in the field of SEO, enough to properly promote your website on the Internet. My site was so profitable that I could afford to work at home.

In 2009 he founded his own business and run it to this day under the name Webfly. To date, dependent mainly on ads placed on their pages. This allows me to reap the joy of doing it what I want.

Still I program and create websites. Gives me great joy. Independence and the absence of any stress also allowed me to discover the world anew. I recognize him from the side, whose existence previously I did not even realize ... I recognize it from within yourself ;)


  1. On Sunday, 11 March 2012, at 2:11 Rokokoko wrote / a:

    The idea, in its pure form :-)

  2. On Thursday, 19 April 2012, at 19:27 dodecyl wrote / a:

    Same idea I would not called :-) Here the idea was implemented. Or rather - the ideal. ideal dream of doing in life what you really like. And being thus free :-)
    Jacek, I greet :-)

  3. On Friday, May 11, 2012 at 21:17 Gale wrote / a:

    Congratulations passion. It is important to do what you like and that was fun. Also, I have a passion for my music is related to the records and know what it is doing what you like. Regards

  4. On Tuesday, February 12 2013, at 8:30 am stregahan wrote / a:

    Hello! :)
    Winszuję "radości z robienia tego na co mam ochotę".
    Wpisując komentarz na stronie o pikach robots i sitemap, przeczytałem o cwaniakowaniu -nie wypełniłem pola "www" a domyślnie to pole jest opcjonalne.
    Regards  stregahan
    Dopisuję: dobry pomysł z edycją komentarza. Pole "www" chociaż bez gwiazdki, najwyraźniej jest wymagane

  5. On Monday, January 20 2014 at 16:57 Carolina wrote / a:

    I admire you man: D You gave me the opportunity to refresh your skills, survivors maximum in high school, but something possessed me to go to the biochem and, in turn, to study chemistry, so computer graphics, coding, web development, something that hooked me, went forgotten. A few of your words, some posts and again tricked the wind in the wings: D I'm dreaming now, looking for a place for your portfolio, college fuck, I'm young, I wish life;)

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