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[CSS] Rounded corners with CSS

Rounded corners with CSS

Everyone wants to have rounded corners on its website. Practically, as their is not a party is not suitable for viewing must keep up with fashion trends otherwise poorly done some time ago it was quite embarrassing. Such rounding had to be done by using files. Fortunately, now it is much simpler method. With the help comes to us CSS3. To round off an item, just add this code to your CSS:. Element_z_zaokraglonymi_rogami {...

[CSS] Why can not we do pages that are based on tables

Why do not we do the parties based on a grid

Very briefly describe the construction of the problem based on the tables. Present drawbacks and advantages (if any come to my mind when writing). The term site based on the tables refers to the main structure of the website and its smaller parts. In practice, this often manifests itself by hiding table borders and multiple nesting them in ourselves. Then creates a kind of grid, where you can design the page. For example, Home ...

[Ss] A tutorial on creating websites for beginners - CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

A tutorial on creating web sites for beginners - CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

Actually, course page creation is too much said, but this article will present the basic, useful information for those wishing to get started with web development. People who design web pages relatively short, or just do not feel this good, it will find the information and sometimes do not go in the wrong direction. At the beginning we know very foundations, that is, what language to what is (or rather what should .. because you know that ...